mandag den 5. marts 2012

Facebook tråd :) - The Hyperekplexia Society on Facebook :)

Jeg er med i en gruppe på Facebook for folk (eller pårørende til folk) med Hyperekplexia. gruppen er startet af Andrew Lathan, som har Hyperekplexia. Andrew har også lavet denne hjemmeside om Hyperekplexia.

For leden skrev en af gruppens medlemmer denne skønne tråd, som jeg har fået lov til at dele på min blog:

Let's lighten the mood! Name some perks of having hpx.. I'll go first, you never have to work out, you were born with a six pack!!.

Justin well after much thought, you're a little tougher than everyone else cuz you learn to take pain pretty good... lol                           

Justin well i have had a lot of head injuries, concussions, falls resulting in injury and you just kind of get used to pain because of it, to where if you get hurt it just doesnt seem as bad

Angela Iron man!!! 

Colleen it! When i was a kid, my brothers used to make bets with their friends that I could beat them in arm always won!

Colleen Another bros would also have me lay on my back on the floor and lift me up like a board by just my'm 43 and can still do that! :-)


Kathleen Thx for that Angela – had a good giggle now! Like your attitude! J
What you can’t change you got to learn to live with & make the most of it, right.
How about having a Hpx high jump competition? J

Justin put us all in a room with a scary movie and see who hits the ceiling first, lol. I took my kids to see that first Paranormal Activity movie and at the end I came out of my seat so high that my kids said it scared them more that i jumped so high than if I hadnt been there with them, and they thanked me for making the ending better!
Janice lovely to see this site having a light hearted moment -- keep smiling and i love the comments, sure Andy will be adding some of his own wit soon :))) keep up the good work all and thanks Angela for making me smile :-)

Andrew We could have keep me up all night meeting, see who will fall asleep first and i always wide awake at night i sure could haunt a house. The good with Hypx that as a guy you get loads extra muscle and dont have to work out. Also i used to play fight my cousins and once i jumped on them they never got up when we used to play fight as kids it was so brill.

Colleen haha..speaking of haunted walked through a "haunted house" display at Halloween one year with my sister in law. I was behind her, anticipating someone jumping out as I held on tight to her from behind and when someone popped. up to scare us, I took both of us down (literally...we were on the ground laughing our asses off)! lol...I think the anticipation in knowing that we are going to be startled is far worse than a normal person in that situation. it's like you are sitting there just waiting to jump out of your skin. You know it's gonna happen and you also know what your reaction is going to be but you have absolutely NO control over it!

Kathleen The movie thing happened to me too, when I was about 16 – I made about 10 people jump in the row I was sitting in! Sort of like a chain reaction.

I startled in a part of the movie where everything was quite & the tension was still building up & everyone was holding their breath & waiting to see what will happen.

Everyone next to me jumped, which gave me another fright & I jumped again!

Andrew Colleen, I ve took part in one of the Halloween shows in haunted mill, as a scare actor did it for free, i hated horror as a child but decided why not give it ago and be on the other side and it was so fun.

Andrew We should all go on the ride of the Mummy in disney world and see who can startle the most i think it be good or if there scare actors they might STARTLE more then us.

Andrew oh we can sit in a doctor office and wake for them to BANG something on the table, i always know they want to do it so i egg them on.

Colleen not sure how this relates to this topic but Andrew bringing up sitting in the doctor office made me reflect. Have you ever had a doctor test your reflexes by tapping your knee with a rubber hammer??? OMG! My reflexes are extreme! With the lightest tap, I about kick the doctor in the face! Crazy!

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